Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Red House

I used to have a story here, but I am slowly deleting posts. For my own amusement purposes, I wanted to keep my original comments (I find them useful or entertaining) and the dates I posted this (as it is usually the time I completed the original text). It was only the original, but I still disliked having it around.


This was an idea that occurred in my creative fiction class last year. We had to write a brief exercise with a lot of feeling, like cold, hot, etc. Back then it was about a guy named Neil and his wife wandering around in the fog and wind, while Neil falls down a small hill and sees a red barn, and ends up in some other world. Then that's all I got to. Here, I made it an inn. A lot of the people here aren't really people. I like to think of the tan leather jacket kids as the pumas, really. The bushy guy, Neil's dog. Morelia is a genus or family or something of snakes. I decided to not put in her nickname of Snake. Boar's real name is Suscroff, after the boar's scientific name Sus scrofa.