Friday, October 27, 2006

To those of you actually out there.

Well, yes. There is hardly anything here. Sighs. Ah, well... due to the terrible-ness of school. I'd wake up (6:30), be at school ('till 16:10), sleep at home ('till 18:00), do homework ('till 23:00) and when I would finally sit down with pen in hand and notebook in front, I'd stare. I would be there for quite some time until I shoved off, studied for SATs and read (this would start from 00:30 to 1:00 and end at 2:00, which is when I go to sleep). I realise it is most likely my lack of sleep. I get four hours (and that means I have a twenty hour day). Which is all due to the incompatability of my night-owl ways and the rest of the world's early bird ways. I write better at night, sadly enough.

Anyways, that would be the reason why I do not have as much as I wanted up here. It is not a writer's block that stops me, really, but a stubborn block that just doesn't want to do work anymore. Ah, well... I shall try and post up some of my older stuff tonight. (And hopefully edit them along the way).

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