Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, I was hoping to weave a Halloween story, but it seems as though this year's Halloween fell just a little short. No real costume, no real story... Ah, well. I had some lovely potato soup (very, very good potato soup).

On to the next business, apparently it is the new month. Not a real shocker, the months change 11 times a year. However this would then mean that it is the 'official' start of the 227 Blackwell Society of Fiction. At least... I suppose it is the official start. The club never really was approved by the school officials. Just sort of... us doing what we do (meaning my little group). I'm not sure when the club gets officialised (by the school). Not that it matters, of course. It will go on as long as we keep it up (hopefully we will).

((Note: the 227 Blackwell Society of Fiction is a silly little writing club with an overly pretentious name and therefore, much fun)).

We will have to get together and throw some challenges around. I do believe I have got a few, and in the mean time I shall continue to write. I have already wasted a few hours on silly frivolous idiocies (The Flying Circus might not exactly be an idiocy, but it is silly). Oh dear.

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