Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Outline of the Indict

Year One: Introduction, Ex-major Ophelia Courts

Year Two: Jeremy Tindelman medical report

Year Three: Conversation between Ophelia and Lydia

Year Four: The first of its Kind, Time Travel

Year Five: Colonel Jack Sumner medical report

Year Six: 50th Failed Experiment

Year Seven: DNA News

Year Eight: Leaving the Lab

Year Nine: The First Surviving Egg

Year Ten: The Meeting

Year Eleven: The Influenza

Year Twelve: It Returns

Year Thirteen: Detention

Year Fourteen: Working Together

The Indict: The End and the Beginning and the Middle

What is the disease?
Year Two, Five, Seven, Eight, Ten, Eleven, The Indict

How does the machine work/is build?
Year Three, Four, Six, Nine, Twelve, Thirteen, The Indict

What is the journey forward?
Year Fourteen, The Indict

What about the colony itself?
Year One, Indict

Dr Heind Dies
Dr Lydia Dies
DNA News Report

A/N: I just liked the names for each year, really. It's sort of like a 'reader's guide' to the story. I'm just putting it up here for my amusement.

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