Monday, August 13, 2007


I am OFF hiatus now and GASP, I bring things.

Well, I will once I'm done writing it that is. It's a rewrite of The Sacrificing Brother, Cain's story for Suite 21 (or otherwise known as 22/7 Blackwell Society of Fiction). I decided that I just did not like my submissions the first time around. Why? Cain and Abele did not quite turn out the way I wanted. This time I've had a lot, lot, more time to reflect on their characters (as I love them greatly) and will be able to write a better version of them. Along with that, I am hoping to have something along the lines of some Norse stories. I may EVEN rewrite They Met on Wednesday, which the title irks me a little. I reread it, loved the characters but decided that the story was missing a little. I keep thinking back to some of the stuff I've tried to write and failed to put to type. There are these two characters, Spade and... well, I never CAN remember his name, haha. Two supernatural detectives taking on supernatural cases, to put it bluntly. I did, at some point, promise them their own book. Along with Al and Frankie, the two lovable mobster vampires. However that IS another story (well, I think it is at least). Then there is heading back the last piece I had written when I went on hiatus (in short, the reason WHY I went on hiatus). I don't even remember what the story was about. I barely remember having the character in a prison of sorts. Hmmm. There is also an idea about a bastard son overthrowing and taking over a kingdom that I've been meddling about. Finally there is a piece of artwork I have more recently decided would set a very nice ghost story. It was a scrap, the artist had framed it but felt that, if she needed a canvas, would promptly use. I spotted it, commented that I really liked it, and she gave it to me. If I DO write a story on it, I'll post a photo of it. (And to be truthful, as much as I love it, it's not one of her better pieces, hahaha. Nonetheless I'm glad to have stolen away with it.)

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